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Our high-potency range for acne-prone skin was originally developed for the professional market and remains a buyer’s choice for skin specialists worldwide. Restore balance to your skin with our clinical-standard formulas that offer tested and proven results for blemishes, blackheads, blocked pores, and uneven skin tone. Your path to skin confidence truly begins here.

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Effica C 30mlEffica C essential vitamin C serum texture.
Effica C 30ml Sale price$90.00
Vitamin B 30mlVitamin B 30ml
Vitamin B 30ml Sale price$90.00
XCell B 30mlXcell B serum texture
XCell B 30ml Sale price$100.00
Dermiotic 30mlDermiotic elixir fortified with prebiotics and probiotics to balance the surface microbiome of the skin. Skincare texture
Dermiotic 30ml Sale price$55.00
Acceler-A 30mlAcceler-A Advanced Vitamin A serum with 6% RetiGen complex texture shot
Acceler-A 30ml Sale price$107.00
Ultimate A 30mlUltimate A retinol serum texture
Ultimate A 30ml Sale price$100.00
ImprovEyes Night 15mlImprovEyes Night eye cream texture
UltraCleanse 150mlUltracleanse cleanser texture
UltraCleanse 150ml Sale price$49.00
ImprovEyes Day 15mlImprovEyes Day Eye cream texture
ImprovEyes Day 15ml Sale price$82.00
BrightEnlite A lightweight milk moisturiser to improve uneven skin tone, restore moisture and refine the appearance of enlarged poresBrightEnlite lightweight moisturiser skincare texture
BrightEnlite 50ml Sale price$93.00
TriDration B 50mlTridration B hydrating mask
TriDration B 50ml Sale price$71.00
LumiBalance multi-action facial oil for luminous skinLumiBalance dropper
LumiBalance 30ml Sale price$86.00
Blem-X A targeted anti-acne spot treatment for blemishesBlem-X A targeted anti-acne spot treatment for blemishes skincare texture
Blem-X 15ml Sale price$50.00