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Australian made. Female founded. Clinically proven.

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"When one flower blooms, spring awakens everywhere."

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Results-driven skincare backed by Clean Science

The Synergie Skin range is supported by clinical data and supercharged with the maximum dosage of active ingredients. Formulated for optimal health, offering evidence-based and ethical solutions for the lifetime of your skin.


The perfect way to get back to basics and build a foundation for thriving skin.


Explore our award-winning serums to restore optimal complexion vitality.

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Our Story

Synergie Skin’s high-potency formulas combine clinical data and quality actives to produce effective, ethical, evidence-based products. This is our Clean Science philosophy, and it underpins everything we create.

Produced on Australian shores, Synergie Skin formulates, manufactures, and ships every product with integrity from our Melbourne-based facility. Behind every order, phone call, and email, you’ll find a real person there to assist you with their unparalleled expertise. Our products are cruelty-free, responsibly sourced, and will ensure you feel confident in your skin at every age.

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Customer Reviews

Ultimate A

"I love using this vitamin A serum at nighttime. Unlike other retinols I’ve used, this serum doesn’t leave your skin feeling irritated or dry. My skin is super smooth and refined and still very hydrated. I find that I can use it almost every night and one pump is enough for the entire face."

by Stephanie

Vitamin B

"The Vitamin B serum is the only thing that helps clear up my pimples. It can keep my skin blemishes and bumpy redness under control. I had terrible skin for years and this niacinamide product actually made a huge difference! I always use it now and get far less pimples and less redness."

by Lauren


"Love this cleanser. A little goes a long way! It doesn’t dry out my skin after use and has a lovely smell and consistency."

by Heather

Ultimate Anti Aging-Kit

"This is the 3rd time I have purchased this kit. Great products for my combination skin regarding clarity and reducing pores. Have received compliments on my skin from several people!"

by Margaret

Experience the Synergie Skin difference

The Dermal Journal

Restore Your Skin Microbiome

Restore Your Skin Microbiome

What is the skin microbiome? Your skin is home to a vibrant and diverse bacterial community known as the skin microbiome.  The skin microbiome comprises  billions of bacteria, and it may surpr...

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Acclimatizing to vitamin A with confidence
Vitamin A

Acclimatizing to vitamin A with confidence

Learn how to maximize skin results with your Synergie Skin vitamin A serum What is vitamin A? Retinoids (the various forms of vitamin A) are considered the gold standard in cosmeceutic...

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What Skin Type Am I?

What Skin Type Am I?

Understanding the Differences Between Skin Types and Skin Conditions. Find the Answer and Optimize Your Skincare Routine. When it comes to maintaining healthy skin, understanding your specific s...

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Your 3- step routine for a stronger barrier

Minimal steps; maximum impact. A precise routine for optimal skin health.

Daily Tips

Collagen Supplements - Hype or science?

Collagen Supplements - Hype or science?

There’s a rising market for ‘collagen’ supplements, claiming to improve skin quality or reduce the appearance of wrinkles deep within the skin. As collagen is the scaffolding for our skin, of co...

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Vitamin A, B & C: can they mix?

Vitamin A, B & C: can they mix?

A well-rounded routine for healthy skin should cover the ABCs: retinol (vitamin A), niacinamide (vitamin B3) and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). But just because they follow each other in the alphab...

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Saviour during stressful times
Skin condition

Saviour during stressful times

when your skin is feeling break out, inflamed, redness...

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